Honorary Fishhooker - Mel Ullrich

May 6, 2015

Our newest Honorary Fishhooker award goes to ... Mel Ullrich! Mel is the Director of Communications & Involvement at St. Monica Catholic Church

1. What has Mel connection/relationship been with Fishhook?

We initially worked with Mel on the parish's website. Over the years that has grown into including the school's website, blog, communications assessment and coaching with Mel. It was a big step for St. Monica to work with us and for us to partner with them, as they were our first Catholic client and it's been amazing!

 2. Which of Fishhook's core values does Mel most reflect?

WOO. She wins us over with her warm and easy-going spirit. She used to live in San Diego and you can totally tell she brought her SoCal spirit with her to Indiana. Her smile is infectious and she's truly passionate about improving communications at St. Monica.

3. If you were describing Mel to someone who has never met her, what would you say?

Mel? I love Mel! She's so sweet and funny. She doesn't take anything too seriously and just rolls with it. As a mother, I also admire her respect and love for her sons. She rejoiced when we welcomed our son into the world and shared some of the kindest and most encouraging words with me as a fellow mother to a son.

4. What has Mel’s impact been on the Church at large?

Mel has branched out to learn. She asks questions, seeks advice and counsel from other churches and always wants to learn and apply what she learns to St. Monica. I feel like she's helped breathe new life into the Catholic churches around her as a result.

 5. If someone had 1/2 hour to spend with Mel, what would you recommend they pick her brain about?

Ask her about San Diego and living on the west coast. She's definitely a California girl!

Lindsay Dudeck

Lead Communications Strategist