Mom wants an iPad

September 17, 2010

I took my mom to the Apple Store last night so she could test drive an iPad.  It was very fun and one thing really surprised me.  I knew there were two things she really wants to be able to do - but I didn't expect her third desire.  The first two:

  • Search the Internet to expand her mind - she said, "I want to Google."
  • Send and receive a limited amount of email - she said, "I want to be able to give my email out to a few people who I want to communicate with, but I don't want a bunch of jokes and junk from old friends."

What surprised me was the third thing she wants to do.  She wants to be able to receive her church e-News so they don't have to waste trees and spend money on postage to send her a print version.  It was amazing to me that of all the things she could do, one of her priorities is just a simple desire to reduce the burden on her church staff and resources.

As I see churches reach to bridge the generational gap between print and e-strategies, could it be there are more Mrs. McBroom's out there who, with an introduction to simple and affordable technology, would jump at the chance to leap from one side of the digital divide to the other?  

Consider soon sponsoring a field trip to the Apple Store with your seniors and let them test drive these remarkable devices and then pick one up for yourself...I'm considering one of my own.

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner