What DOES the fox say?

October 2, 2013

By now you’ve probably seen the viral video “What does the fox say?” It’s a YouTube sensation with over 73 million views. When one of our team members, Meredith, showed it to me the other day, I thought, “What WAS that?”

It definitely made me laugh, but then it actually made me wonder what DOES the fox say? Google gave me the answer quickly.

Leave it to a Swedish band to make a whole song about it, instead of just looking it up on the Internet like the rest of us.

As curious people, this is primarily what we do on the Internet – we search for information.  We are constantly searching for relevant content. Whether you are looking for new ideas on how to run a staff meeting, finding a company to make an app for your church, looking for ways to welcome first time guests, or even wondering what sound a fox makes, you are out there – searching.

At Fishhook, we are blogging and hoping that this is relevant information to you. But we're doing some guessing about the content you need. We might be posting “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding” when you really want to be reading “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow."

(If that joke didn’t make sense, you must not have seen the video.)

So help us step up our game! We want to give you more content to help with your communications efforts. So tell us: what things would you like to hear more information about?

Please click below and give us a few things you may have Googled, but didn’t find enough useful information on. Fishhook would love to try to fill that void!

Shayla Kenworthy

Director of Business Development