A guide for uncovering and embracing your church's brand experience.

When a church is internally healthy and ready to communicate, it can tap into a distinct flavor of communication all its own — a unique spice and style that resonates with real-life people in their individual communities. These churches show up in personal, authentic ways. They use accessible, relatable language. They repeat that language consistently. And they do it with a specificity and empathy that is others-aware and outward-focused. In other words, they’re good at building trust.

When we talk about branding, we're really talking about building trust through your distinct story. It's a powerful tool to reach people for Jesus.

But how do you go about uncovering and embracing your church's distinct story? 

Join Lead Visual Designer Meredith Erwin and me as we give you an outline and activities you can use to do just that. 

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How to Uncover Your Distinct Story