Giving a designer a project without a Purpose Statement Checklist is like asking someone to take you on your perfect camping trip without giving them any details.

Imagine you're going on a camping trip. You know exactly what you're looking for: a cute little spot near a lake, electricity access, close proximity to the bathrooms, a grassy area nearby to toss around a football or a frisbee. You know you'll need a tent roomy enough for you and your family. You know you'll want hotdogs and s'mores supplies, pancakes for the morning (your family's favorite camping breakfast). Maybe you'll want time for a canoe trip or a hike around the lake. Maybe you're planning to pack your hammock or bring along the family dog. You know exactly when you want to arrive and how long you want to stay. 

Now imagine you and your family, climbing into a friend's mini-van and saying, "Take us on our camping trip." No directions, no details, no timeline ... not even a clear destination. 

This is what it's like to assign a designer a project without clearly mapping out the details.

You would never climb into a friend's car and expect them to get you to your campsite without first giving them directions. You wouldn't expect them to pack the perfect size tent or your family's favorite snacks. So why would we expect this from our designers? Why wouldn't we give them a roadmap before we leave the house? Why wouldn't we hand them packing lists and schedules, especially if we already know where we want to go and what we want to do once we're there? 

This is where the Purpose Statement Checklist comes in. 

Designed as the perfect roadmap/packing list for your next design project, the Purpose Statement Checklist makes sure you've answered questions like the following before you start your journey:

  • What is the goal of this piece?
  • Do you have any specific requests? (colors, typefaces, aesthetic direction/style, etc.)
  • What are the specs (dimensions) of the piece?
  • What is the timeline/ideal end date of this project? 

Download the checklist below and help your designer get you where you want to go!