Download our DIY brand audit and conduct one for your own church!

Just like going into your doctor's office for a wellness check-up, it's important to do periodic check-ups on your brand identity for two reasons:

  1. It will help you gauge if your church communications are staying "on brand"— if you are (still) communicating with a consistent, unified voice. A unified voice is what helps you build and maintain awareness in your community. The more that people see the same logo, colors, fonts and writing style, the more they will come to associate all of those things with YOUR church. And the more that these things are consistently used, the greater your circle of awareness will be.

  2. A brand audit will also help you determine if your church communications materials are staying on message — if what you are putting out is consistent with the mission and vision of your church.

You may notice a theme here — both of these reasons involve consistency. And that’s important because consistency is a key ingredient in building trust. Diet Coke drinkers drink Diet Coke not just because they love the taste, but also because they know they can count on it tasting great every time they drink it. And when they go to look for it in the store, they know exactly what to look for. If you want your church to build positive relationships within your community, consistent communication will help you accomplish that.

As we worked on a Communications Assessment for Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois, we discovered that, while Eastview had many awesome ministries doing important, transformational work in their community, often those ministries had unique names and visual identities completely unattached to the church’s identity. Without cohesion in their brand, Eastview was potentially missing key opportunities to share their message with the community. By working together to bring consistency and clarity to the communications materials, the visual identity would soon become strong and recognizable.

In order to help Eastview, we did a simple brand audit of their communications materials. 





Download our DIY Brand Identity Audit below, and you can conduct one for your own church!