Sample interview questions you can use when hiring your church's next communications director.

With a Communications Director job description and list of personality traits that you’re looking for, it’s important to consider what interview questions you’ll ask to provoke meaningful conversation during the interview process to find a Communications Director (or leader) at your church.

Here are some sample interview questions that will help you explore various strengths and personality traits during the interview process for the Communications Director role.

This isn’t a script, a checklist (where every item must be included) or an exhaustive list. You’ll modify these questions to help them fit your interviewing style and the needs of your team with each individual candidate.

Download the list below to get questions that will help you: 

  • Open/get to know one another
  • Explore the strategy/planning part of his/her experience, skills and personality
  • Explore his/her experience and skills to connect with others, build and lead a team
  • Explore his/her project management skills
  • Learn about calling/passion/temperament
  • Explore his/her writing or other technical skills

Download the list below!