Download this free website content template for your next church website.

You're working on a new website for your church! Or, it's time to refresh some content on your existing webpages. 

You're ready to write. You're praying for inspiration. You want to share compelling content that will engage with users and guide them to meaningful next steps in their faith journey.

However, are you wondering how to get started with your web writing? Ever struggle with writer's block? Out of time and need to write as efficiently as possible? 

We've all been there! And we want to encourage you. You can do this! 

Here is a template you can use as a starting point. From here, you can add to this document based on an approved Site Map for your full website.

This resource will give you:

  • A starting point for creating scannable and concise content

  • An outline for what content you need to think through
  • A place to start documenting your website content 

Download the template below!