The Church's Guide to Facebook Groups. Unlock and harness the power of social media as a ministry tool with this free guide.

Ministry on social media is possible. 
If you've been listening, watching or reading anything about church communications in the last year, you've likely heard someone say that if you want your church to have more ministry impact on social media, you need to be utilizing Facebook groups. We've said it again and again and we've partnered with churches to help them plan and launch Facebook groups. But we felt like there wasn't anything specifically created to help churches do this on their own. So we created The Church's Guide to Facebook Groups. 

The Church's Guide to Facebook Groups will outline: 

  1. Six reasons why your church needs to use Facebook groups

  2. How to measure success

  3. How to start your group

  4. A roadmap for what to post

  5. Five tips from our team

There will probably be multiple iterations of this guide as church Facebook groups (and social media in general) continue to grow and evolve. Know that starting a group of any kind won't be easy. But it will be worth it. 
Let us know how your group is going OR if you haven't started one yet, DM us your questions!
Download the guide below!