A video of church leaders giving tips about going multisite.

There's been a lot of conversation lately about multisite congregations. We've been honored to be part of some strategic events that give churches a place to learn from and with each other. Many communications questions surface during these events, including:

  • If you were talking with a church getting ready to enter the realm of multisite, what would you say you’ve learned about the naming of sites?
  • In order to foster community among your sites, have you created any unique branding/sub-branding for them? How did you solidify the brand at each site?
  • What kind of online presence does each site have – Individual social media? Microsites? Sections within your main website? And why did you make that choice?
  • What have been the biggest hurdles with internal communications? What did you anticipate? What didn't you anticipate?
  • How are you staffing for communications? Why did you choose to staff that way? Benefits? Challenges? 

We opened up a discussion around questions like this at a recent roundtable as well as the Alignment Conference. After the roundtable, we asked some of the pastors and leaders to give advice to other churches thinking about going multisite. Here is what they had to say: