Our team is embarking on a new adventure. Will you come along with us?

Many of you followed our journey as Evan went on sabbatical last summer. Before sabbatical, our team felt like we were wandering a bit. Like we simultaneously knew what we were called to but lacked fresh vision to know where we were going. Sabbatical brought clarity in the form of one word: expansion. Our leaders recognized that to do the work we are called to do, we have to be in relationship with people. We need to be sitting around the table with church leaders (like many of you), hearing where you've been and where you hope to be. 

If you've been keeping up with our story, you know that Evan and Debbie feel a clear calling to be in Nashville. They've been in the dreaming, praying and planning phase for the last few months, but as of last week, they have officially sold their home in Indy and have found a new one in the Nashville area. And within two months, they will be living there permanently. 

But what you probably don't know is that when Evan felt the calling to expansion, it wasn't just to Nashville ... it was to Colorado as well. And, as crazy as it sounds, there is someone on our team who has felt the pull to live in Colorado for a long time. While we can't tell you who just yet, we can officially tell you that soon we will be sending one of our teammates to the Denver area. Which means ...

We are now 1 Fishhook in 3 Cities. 


This has truly been a season of obedience and as Evan says, "obedience requires that you take the first steps you can see and keep taking the steps you did not anticipate." We will continue taking those steps as long as we feel God is paving the way. We don't believe that expansion is something we will do that God will help with. We believe it is something God is doing that we get to help with. 

If you have questions or are curious about other expansion details, we are hosting two Facebook lives this week.

  • Evan will go live on Wednesday to talk all things Nashville! He'll give you the who, what, where, when and why and everything in between.
  • Then, on Thursday, he'll jump back on to give you all the Denver details we have at the moment.
Keep an eye out for those on our Facebook page. We'd love for you to join us in this celebration!

Y'all (we can say that now because we're in Nashville ...)
God’s church is on the move! And more than ever, our team is committed to being there to walk alongside you. 

As we head into our next chapter, one of obedience, possibility and innovation, we feel led to ask: What adventure is God calling your church to? Are you ready? How can we pray for you?