We're hiring for an Account Director! We're passionate about this role. Here's why ...

We have many incredible roles at Fishhook - but one role that is especially vital to our work is the Account Director position. I've been thinking about why this leader is so key for us. But I'm also thinking about our churches and ministries - each of you - and why this kind of position is vital for your team too!
So I'm asking ...
  • Who on your team is the champion for building relationships with other leaders, ministries, volunteers or outside partners? 
  • Who on your team leads the way to make sure your communications/marketing efforts are strategic?
  • Who rallies the team to make progress?
At Fishhook, the Account Director is our relationship-builder with each church and ministry we partner with. They nurture the relationship with our churches, they pray for/with them, they ask questions and listen (really listen), they have empathy and provide consistent care and attention. They are the ultimate advocate for our churches to make sure our team is serving and bringing excellence in our work. 

In addition, our Account Directors are strategic. They have the big picture in mind for our churches. Where is a church headed with its mission/vision, goals and priorities? They ensure our efforts with communications, marketing and in all areas support and further the overall strategy.

Our Account Directors are also focused on rally and progress with our churches! They know the needs of our churches, they see opportunities and they rally our clients with our team to move forward. Moving forward - making progress - is a continual goal for us with every plan, timeline and task. 

Who has these attributes and responsibilities on your team? What value do you see? What growth is needed?

We are currently hiring for the Account Director role on our team. You can learn more HERE, and please share with others if you know someone who might be a good fit with our team!
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