The celebration after Union Chapel launched their new brand.

We truly love every one of our branding projects. And each time we get to be there on the Sunday when a church launches the brand to their congregation, we always feel extra grateful. But there was something special about watching Union Chapel come to life through this work. The day they launched was filled with music, sharing, praying, preaching and more, all with a focus on reaching people for Christ through their new brand. We were so blessed by the worship that Sunday. We truly felt like working with Union Chapel allowed us to make a difference.

Last week, we met with the Union Chapel team to celebrate their dedication, their humility and the momentum they have coming out of their brand launch. The stories they shared and the way in which they spoke about the process left us feeling so humbled.

Rev. Andrew Charnstrom said, "The branding was a remarkable process and experience to the point that I jokingly said at our branding discovery that I was already grieving the end of that process. It was so hopeful! You wanted us to get there, but you were patient."

What struck us most during our work with Union Chapel was their earnest focus to make the most out of this opportunity. We never heard friction or negative pushback. They put all their energy into the end goal: reaching more and more people for Christ. And they got creative to accomplish this mission! After they decided on their brand, they went out searching for a custom cookie cutter! On Sunday when they launched, they had freshly baked cookies in the shape of their new logo. Talk about a delicious way to celebrate! 

At the end of our celebration last week, we got to do something that we are SO excited about. We offered for Union Chapel to be the first church to go through our TeamSpeak course for free! 

This year, we were looking for opportunities to be generous for the local church. In our research, we found that 90% of churches in America have under 350 people. As we looked at what resources we had to be generous with, we realized that Fishhook University was one of those resources. Through TeamSpeak, we will help churches take next steps toward better communications, and in 2017, we are offering it to churches of 350 or less absolutely FREE

It’s our hope that God will continue to bring churches like Union Chapel into our path. Maybe that work will come through branding or website projects like we did with Union Chapel. Or maybe they will come through our free TeamSpeak course. No matter how they cross our path, it's our prayer that they leave with the momentum they need to reach more people with the love and hope of Christ.

This is what we know and what we were reminded of during our work with Union Chapel: When we trust one another, God’s work can be done beautifully.

(Look for more information on the free TeamSpeak course soon!)