We love supporting churches through retainer relationships and today is a case study with a church we are privileged to partner with in this way.

A partnership with depth of relationship and support is Fishhook’s bread and butter. 

A partnership is distinctive. The difference between a transactional relationship and a partnership is easy to spot. We are grateful to have healthy partnerships with churches all throughout the US and Canada! 

A prime example of a thriving partnership for Fishhook is with Church on the Hill in Sugar Hill, Georgia. Over time, we have developed a strong bond with their team based on multiple factors, enabling us to act as strategic communications partners for their ministry.

Today, we’ll unpack some of those factors that contribute to the success of our retainer relationship with this church, including some insights from Jeff Coleman, Senior Pastor at Church on the Hill.

Full Commitment

Passion and commitment are contagious, and our relationship with Church on the Hill is a testament to this principle. We genuinely love the ministry happening at Church on the Hill, and our desire to be part of what God is doing there drives us to go above and beyond in our efforts.

Jeff shared, “One of the most valuable aspects of working with Fishhook has been their deep understanding of our brand and goals. They took the time to truly grasp our congregation’s mission and values, allowing them to create targeted and effective communication strategies that resonate with our congregation and the broader community.”

We are invested in their team, ministry and community. They have reciprocated that level of care for Fishhook’s team as well, creating a rewarding partnership and fruitful relationship.

High-Trust Relationship

One of the cornerstones of our healthy retainer relationship with Church on the Hill is the foundation of trust. We are strategic partners in ministry. This two-way trust empowers Fishhook to operate in the lane of strategic communications, giving us the flexibility and freedom to offer creative and innovative solutions that align with their ministry's goals.

Jeff shared, “Fishhook's strategic approach to creative content ideas, coupled with their data-driven insights, have helped us make informed decisions and adjustments to our strategies along the way. As a result, we've seen growth in our brand awareness in our community.”

As a result, Church on the Hill benefits from the skillsets of our full team and can confidently rely on our judgment in handling their communication needs.

Clear Point of Contact 

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful partnership. It sounds simple, but having an organized point of contact is a key component that Church on the Hill has in place. Our main contact at the church takes the responsibility of keeping us in the loop and organizing all the necessary details for our partnership.

This level of clarity ensures that messages are delivered accurately and promptly, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings and missed opportunities. This creates a mutual sense of accountability and responsibility, enhancing the overall efficiency of our collaboration. 

Long-Term Planning

Short-term, timely projects may yield immediate results, but a healthy retainer relationship is built on the bedrock of long-term planning. With Church on the Hill, we have established a rhythm of planning months in advance, allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive in our approach. This forward-thinking strategy enables us to anticipate their communication needs, align our efforts with their ministry's objectives, and provide well-crafted campaigns and messaging that resonates with their congregation and community.

A Seat at the Table 

Church on the Hill invites us to a seat at their leadership table. This unique opportunity enables us to gain invaluable insights into their vision, goals and challenges directly from the core decision-makers. With this vantage point, we can better understand their needs and provide tailored communication strategies that align well with their overall ministry objectives. It also reinforces mutual trust and confidence, fostering an even stronger sense of partnership.

Clear Expectations

Open discussions about goals, deliverables, timelines and any other relevant factors have allowed us to align our efforts with Church on the Hill's expectations effectively. Having clear expectations and weekly meeting times keeps us in sync with their fast-moving ministry needs. This rhythm and mutual understanding ensures that our partnership remains focused, goal-oriented and productive. 

This has been a benefit to the ministry according to Jeff. “Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of our relationship with Fishhook is their consistent delivery of results. They've not only met our expectations but exceeded them time and again. Their ability to adapt to changing trends, generate ideas, and their proactive nature in suggesting improvements has been extremely helpful to our church’s efforts at streamlining communication all the while making it more efficient and successful.”

Creative Collaboration

One of the best parts of our retainer relationship with Church on the Hill is the creative collaboration. Fishhook’s vision is to bring unexpected creativity, energy and value to our churches. We strive to bring that to our work with their church, but we also get energy, ideas and encouragement from our friends at Church on the Hill as well. 

Jeff agrees with the value of collaboration. He said, “What sets Fishhook apart is their team's commitment to collaboration. They've seamlessly integrated with our church staff, participated, and even led strategic planning sessions with us, which has only helped to foster an environment of open communication and idea sharing. This synergy has led to the development of innovative initiatives we wouldn't have been able to achieve on our own.”

The retainer relationship between Fishhook and Church on the Hill has been a great case study of what makes a healthy and fruitful partnership. By cultivating a high-trust relationship, maintaining clear communication channels, engaging in long-term planning, displaying unwavering commitment, ensuring clear expectations, offering a seat at the leadership table and creative collaboration, we have built a strong foundation for mutual growth and success. 

Ready to start a conversation for the sake of your church? Reach out and let us know. We would love to support your team during this next season of ministry!