On March 25th, we're bringing in a a certified Myers-BriggsⓇ consultant for a webinar. Discover and embrace your superpower and the superpowers of those on your team.

Have you ever thought about what makes you unique? Each one of us was made with unique qualities—or superpowers—that dictate how we think, make decisions and function day-to-day. Understanding how God has designed you and others can give you a powerful advantage when it comes to staff culture, team building and achieving your goals.
On March 25th we're bringing in a certified Myers-BriggsⓇ consultant to help you discover and embrace your superpowers and the superpowers of your teammates. Participate in this one-hour webinar as an individual, or maximize the time by attending with your entire team!

So, what's your superpower? Click below to watch our FREE Myers-BriggsⓇ webinar.

March 2015 Fishhook Webinar