Fishhook is celebrating 10 years this spring! Here's a message Evan shared about his journey and new calling the last week of March in 2003. What great truths that still drive our team today!

Faith is believing that the God who called me to this assignment is the one who will provide for its accomplishment. Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God

Here, unedited and unabridged is an email that Evan McBroom sent to a handful of friends 10 years ago this week:

March 29, 2003

A journey ends ... another begins.

Those who have already heard the story know that in late January, I left the perceived security of the corner office without the slightest idea where God was leading me. Now, a couple months later, I can testify to God’s goodness like never before. The experience has brought me closer to my Guide, and new truths have been revealed in times of trial and joy. So where has God led me? I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me share some truths that God revealed along the way.

Truth #1: Those who regularly spend quiet time with God are not kidding about the rewards. God faithfully revealed direction at forks in the road each time I retreated to His presence. My journal pages reveal a carefully laid path that was made known to me in the stillness with Him – in conversations with God.

Truth #2: God has wired us each in a unique way for His purposes. In the past few months, I have met people who are serving where God led them ... and I should serve where God leads me. I met some who steeped in the Word through a time of preparation in seminary – and they loved it. I met one who found injury brought the end of a career in professional sports and the beginning of a life of service –as a chaplain in the National Football League. I found that God calls some to a vocation in the Ministry and others to a ministry in their vocation. We serve the same God – but we serve in wonderfully unique ways.

Truth #3: God is faithful. Not a surprise for sure, but a reinforcement so personal I have wept tears of amazement – shuttering at the thought of how God works and of His awesome power – quiet behind-the-scenes power that the world sees as coincidence. As I stood at the trailhead I could never imagine the amazing path that God would lay before me – the surprising twists, beautiful vistas of discovery, waterfalls of joy, quiet meadows of instruction, and comforting words in the darkness. And now, at the end of one trail, I realize that I am standing at the beginning of the next, and my heart is filled with expectant wonder as I try to envision what might lie ahead.

So what use does God have for a guy like me? What could God possibly do with a guy who has invested his career in helping corporations with big budgets communicate relatively insignificant messages? It became crystal clear. I could help congregations and the Church-at-large - folks who will probably have little bitty budgets, communicate messages so significant that God sent His Son to die on a cross.

It all came clear when I recalled a day at my desk over a year ago. In a moment of divine interruption, God asked, “why are you not doing this for me?” My fingers lifted from the keyboard as I sat breathless in His presence. I didn’t have an answer, but I had a deadline. So I took a deep breath, filed the moment away and continued my work. It is a moment that has resurfaced – a time that God has taken me back to again and again in the last few weeks.

The answer to my call is found in Matthew 4:19 – exactly where this started months ago. I am to serve The Church, helping those in the boat be better fishers of men because the waters are very, very crowded. We are not the only ones fishing. The world is fishing for souls as well. Each time we open our mailbox, turn on our TV, walk through the mall, surf the Internet, are alone or out on the town, we are being fished for. The problem is that the world offers some very alluring bait, and the Church can barely get noticed in a sea of appetizing choices. While the world presents enticing options, we reach out with methods that are often behind the culture. In an age when media is an idol that captures our attention, we see churches struggle to find a balance between technology and text.

Am I the answer to this? No, God is the answer. I am simply to be a servant - to put the talents and gifts He has given to me, along with the experience He has afforded me, to work for Him. My call is to help The Church develop culturally competitive communications to become better fishers of men. And thus, Fishhook Communications is born. A business. My ministry. A divine inspiration that connects with my wiring so strongly I can barely stand it.

As one journey ends ... another begins, and when fear creeps into this plan, which I know it will, I pray that I have the presence of mind to seek the presence of God. I trust He will turn my attention to the journey just completed and assure me that He is faithful and that I simply need to keep the faith.