Our honorary Fishhooker of the month is Josh Gregoire from Aspen Group!

What is his connection with Fishhook? 
Josh is the Church Relations Coordinator at Aspen Group.

Which of Fishhook's core values does he most reflect? 
Skilz: Our expertise that challenges clients to catch more.

If you were describing Josh to someone who has never met him, what would you say?
Josh is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He always has someone's best intentions at heart. He loves to connect people together to help further the mission and calling of each local church body. 

We love working with Josh and the full team at Aspen Group!

If someone had half an hour to spend with Josh, what would you recommend they pick his brain about?
Creating a church space that is aimed at supporting the ministry. Josh talks with and visits many different churches through his work at Aspen Group and has a broad knowledge of how a church's space can strengthen its ministry efforts.

What has his impact been on the Church at large?
Josh has such a kind, caring demeanor about him and clearly demonstrates how God cares for each of us. Josh shows this amazing level of care with churches he meets by resourcing them with whatever will help move that particular church forward. 

Josh, we love getting to partner with you and Aspen Group on a regular basis! 

We'll be hanging out with Josh and the Aspen team at the Alignment Conference this month! Evan and the rest of the speakers will be talking about how to have a church that's built for ministry impact. Learn more/register here.