Honorary Fishhooker of the month - Kem Meyer, author of Less Chaos. Less Noise: Effective Communications for an Effective Church

What is her connection with Fishhook?
Evan met Kem in 2005 at the very first MinistryCOM event in Houston, Texas. She is a friend and fellow champion for church communications. Our team is so inspired by her wisdom and heart. 

Which of Fishhook's core values does she most reflect?
Jesus - Following Jesus' example to love, respect and trust
Skilz - Expertise that challenges clients to catch more
Pants - Saying the tough words that need to be said

If you were describing Kem to someone who has never met her, what would you say?
She has really remarkable wisdom and insight into church communications and is as humble and warm as she is smart and insightful. Also she's got some great fashion!

If someone had half an hour to spend with Kem, what would you recommend they pick her brain about?
Church transition. Probably anything having to do with communications and the church.

What has her impact been on the Church at large?
Pretty big. Kem has given church communicators someone to look up to. She's shown them that it's possible to be real, raw, professional and creative all at the same time. 

Anything else you'd like to say?
Read her book! Kem has a strong understanding of the unique communications challenges and opportunities in the local church. This book will improve the way you fish by improving the way you communicate, helping your church "catch more".