Wow! 2014 has been a great year so far, and we have a lot to be grateful for! See what each member of the Fishhook team is most thankful for this year.

On Monday the Fishhook team gathered around the table for team meeting. But this time we did something different. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we each spent time giving thanks for the many blessings we have.

We said what we were thankful for personally, in our families, and at Fishhook. Here are a few things we heard around the table:

Anna is thankful for: A new exciting freelance design opportunity and getting to go home and spend time with family. 

Evan is thankful for: Santa Clause (... stay tuned for more on that) and for the clarity and calmness that God provides and the way He leads Fishhook.   

Lydia is thankful for: The chance to live out her passions through dance and for the joy of knowing her brother is home from Afghanistan for the holidays. 

Ben is thankful for: Getting to see his kids enjoy time together and for great connections and friendships. 

Lindsay is thankful for: Friends who feel like family and for the way she gets to use her gifts and passions at Fishhook. 

Shawn is thankful for: Getting to play his trumpet and the story of his family. 

Shayla is thankful for: Time with her family and God's amazing provision. 

Aimee is thankful for: A new home and for the way we get to schedule holidays around our families and not around work.  

Meredith is thankful for: Visiting friends and family and the opportunity to work with people she can look up to. 

Our team is truly blessed. We are so grateful for the work we get to do with all of you! We wish you and your families a happy happy Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for?