It's time to walk down memory lane with Ben, Jamie and Shawn! Drumroll please ... And their favorite Christmas traditions are ...

Our team is going home for the holidays! Over the next few weeks, each Fishhooker will be reminiscing about our favorite traditions and memories that take place during the Christmas season. We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane! Merry Christmas! 

Ben: Every 2 years my mom’s extended family gathers at a 14-bedroom lodge in the mountains of Pennsylvania and spends Christmas together. It’s not uncommon to spy a black bear, or some deer feeding in the fields nearby; it’s beautiful.

Jamie: We look forward to Christmas Eve almost as much as Christmas Day! I love the time with our kids on Christmas Eve candlelight services and singing Silent Night. After the service, our family drives around looking at all the Christmas light displays. Then, it’s home for a light dinner and late night gift wrapping. I love all those quiet moments leading up to the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day! If there’s snow, that’s even better!

Shawn: Since having kids we’ve tried to make some family traditions. One of them revolves around the presents. Each child gets 4 presents: 1 from Santa and 1 for each gift the wise men gave Jesus. This helps us give some meaning to gift-giving, not just because they have been good boys or girl.

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