We honor Roger Clark, Executive Pastor at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, as our Fishhooker of the Every Other Month!

The November Honorary Fishhooker of the Every Other Month award goes to Roger Clark! Roger is the Executive Pastor at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bloomington, Ind.

1. What has Roger’s connection/relationship been with Fishhook?

It was four years ago that we began our relationship with Sherwood Oaks. The church first reached out to us for a website design. The conversation soon evolved into one about communication strategy, branding and more. Roger was part of this conversation from the beginning, and our respect, appreciation and friendship for Roger has grown year after year!

Since then, we’ve discovered that:

  • He’s the best guy to go to lunch with.
  • He’s always up for a good story or sarcasm.
  • He cares so much about people, and great work comes from that.

2. Which of Fishhook's core values does Roger most reflect?

WOO, but not in the way we typically see it portrayed. Roger has a quiet confidence and gentle spirit that easily guides and leads people. In everything he does, Roger always pursues the Lord and gives God all the glory. (So I guess you could say he is two core values: WOO and Jesus!) 

3. If you were describing Roger to someone who has never met him, what would you say?

He’s a lover of people and an innovator for the sake of drawing people to Christ. Honestly, he is incredibly smart and incredibly approachable - a unique and wonderful mix.

4. What has Roger’s impact been on the Church at large?

In leading the team at Sherwood, Roger has made such an impact. He is a remarkable networker and always finds ways to serve and connect with others. He’s like a ripple: he starts something and it reaches out to anyone and everyone.

One of Roger’s most recent contributions to the Kingdom comes through Live4Hope. Live4Hope is a new outreach initiative of Sherwood Oaks. It's an online hub where anyone is welcome to explore real-life issues and share about the ups and downs of life. The purpose is to provide ideas, inspiration and hope to people searching online. We are so proud of the heart and passion that Roger and the Live4Hope team have. They truly care about making an impact for Christ, and Roger is leading that charge! (Check out live4hope.today and share some inspiration with the people you love!)

5. If someone had 1/2 hour to spend with Roger, what would you recommend they pick his brain about?

  1. What book he’s reading.
  2. Where you should go to eat in Bloomington.
  3. His latest adventure (and calling) to travel each year to serve overseas in Romania.