The dean of Fishhook University sits down with the founder of Fishhook to talk about what FHU really is and how it could benefit your church.

Listen to Evan McBroom and Jamie Shafer, the dean of FHU, share the details and a sneak peek of the course! 

The more we share about FHU, the more we hear people say things like, "I've seen some of the stuff, but I'm still not sure what it is." So, we've recorded a short video to explain how it really works!

We answered the following questions:

  • Why was Fishhook University created? 
  • How can you know if The TeamSpeak Course is right for your church? 
  • What's the role of the on-site facilitator, and how will he/she lead your staff through the FHU course?
  • What are the benefits for those inside and outside of your communications department? 

We also talk in-depth about: 

  • How TeamSpeak was designed to grow the internal communications of your team, which improves each staff member's external communications.
  • What each session of The TeamSpeak Course includes
  • How pricing works and how it fits into your budget
  • Why Fishhook believes in FHU

We even included sneak peeks of: 

  • The TeamSpeak Course videos, worksheets and activities 

Check out the video below and feel free to email any more questions you may have to or

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