Today marks the last day in the office for Fishhook’s JD Collier.

Today marks the last day in the office for Fishhook’s JD Collier. In the summer of 2007,  JD joined Fishhook to lead the development of our Web offerings. Many times I have described our Web work before JD’s arrival as “experimental.” We tried a number of different approaches; and while all were functional they fell short in one way or another. It’s been a good road with JD. He has stretched our thinking, made us (and our clients) laugh and helped many people take steps closer to God through the interaction they had with a church website.

JD and his family have felt for some time that God was nudging them back “home,” to San Antonio, Texas, where they grew up, met and started their life together. While Indiana has had them for 17 years or so, they knew it was time to step out in faith and move back closer to family and old friends. 

None of us were surprised to learn that, before they packed a single box, JD quickly landed a job at Digett. We’re happy that JD is available to do some nights/weekend work after the move for us, but we won’t have his laughter in the Fishhook World Headquarters. And that’s a bummer.

So, where does this leave Fishhook and support for our web clients? It’s a question we started asking ourselves the moment we learned of JD’s move. We believe it leaves us in a good spot. First, we move forward under the leadership of Ben Goshow and Lindsay Dudeck. Over the years, Ben, Lindsay and JD have developed as a very strong Web team. Ben is ready for a new role in leadership and Lindsay will continue to serve in a role we call “Air Traffic Control” – keeping an eye on all the Web projects – their take off dates, flight patterns, when they need to circle the tower and when they have to land. Ben started as a Web developer but now lives up to the title of e-Strategist. He understands how a church website fits into the overall communication strategy of a church and can push the conversation through development to achieve big strategic objectives. 

We’re having good conversations with an exceptionally well-qualified candidate who may become our next Fishhooker and, most of all, we trust that God will complete in Fishhook this good work He has started. 

JD, you have taken us from experimental to exceptional…and we’re grateful. Lord, you’ve brought us a long way and we trust You in this next chapter.