Faster. Faster. Keep up!

January 26, 2011

Originally posted at on June 15, 2009. Still feels relevant!

Do you feel like the faster you run, the farther you fall behind?  For me - it's true. I run to keep up with technology, with theology, with philosophy and it seems the faster I run, the farther behind I fall.  We've seen the stats quoted: information used to double at the rate of (something like) once every 50 years.  And now, information is doubling at (something sorta like) every 53 seconds.  OK, an exaggeration, but...information is exploding. And so is my head.  What's a feller to do?

I'm asking your advice.  How do you keep up?  And where do you keep up?  And what expectations do you set for yourself?  And, perhaps most do you come down?

I want to know...

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner