Fishhook Anniversaries - Celebrate good times ... come on!

August 6, 2015

Here at Fishhook, we talk a lot about culture. And while sometimes changes are necessary as we grow (like New Roles. New Leadership. New Structure), some things will always stay the same. One of the big constants at Fishhook is that we love to party! We always keep our eye out for a chance to celebrate, whether big or small, because we know that hard work and dedication should always be met with appreciation and excitement. So, today ... we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some Fishhook team member milestones!

Fishhook Anniversaries 

Shayla Kenworthy - Director of New Client Conversations and Internal Workflow

Time at Fishhook: 2 Years

Anniversary Date: July 22, 2013

About Shayla: Shayla lives with her husband, Jay, in Zionsville. They have three kids, Brayden, Lydia and Parker and two birds named Dwight and Zoey. (Woah! That's a full house!) Shayla's catchphrase: "Oh golly!" 

Favorite Dessert: "Old lady candy, apple pie and brownies." 

Aimee Cottle - Marketing Manager

Time at Fishhook: 2 Years

Anniversary Date: August 5, 2013 

About Aimee: Aimee lives on the south side of Indianapolis with her husband Evan and 7-month-old Aussiedoodle, Haverford. Her perfect day would include a pot of coffee and hours of Netflix. 

Favorite dessert: "Anything with cake." 

We love our team members and we love getting to celebrate them! 

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