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Fishhooker of the month - Deleath Blomberg

What is her connection with Fishhook?
Deleath is the Communications Director for one of our clients, St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.

Which of Fishhook's core valued does she most reflect?
Jesus - Following Jesus' example to love, respect and trust. 
Pants - Saying the tough words that need to be said. 

If you were describing Deleath to someone who has never met her, what would you say?
Deleath is a seasoned communications professional. She brings great experience and skills to her role as the Communications Director at St. Luke's. Something I really appreciate about Deleath is the balance she maintains between respecting others around her and being very open to their new or different ideas. She wants to work with and learn from them. She is humble and open, yet has the confidence to lead and grow the team and communications efforts at St. Luke's.

If someone had half an hour to spend with Deleath, what would you recommend they pick her brain about?
Deleath has been busy this past year growing in her role at St. Luke's, building her communications team at the church and expanding what they are doing with communications and marketing. She is eager to share about her lessons learned and what she envisions for the coming year.

What has her impact been on the Church at large?
Deleath's most recent work experience was in corporate communications. I love how she has felt called to take her communications skills and serve in a church.

Anything else you'd like to say?
Deleath just became a grandma this year (early 2017). She is loving this new role!

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