Harnessing the Power of Rock RMS

August 31, 2017

Last weekend, Shayla and I traveled to the Chicago area for RX2017, the Rock RMS conference. With Willow Creek as the backdrop, we learned, laughed and got to know this community. For those of you who don't know, Rock RMS is a simplified, but very powerful, church management system. It's focused on accessibility, craftsmanship, innovation and community. And as Matt Sundstedt from Willow Creek said, "The Rock community is reality." The best part (in our opinion) is that it also has a content management system so that your website can connect with the ChMS to enhance your ministry.

Over a year ago, Vineyard Cincinnati approached Fishhook asking if we'd be comfortable designing and programming their new church website on the Rock RMS platform. No one else had ever done a full custom site on this platform, but we were up for the challenge! Since then, the Fishhook team has designed and developed four Rock websites. Three for Vineyard Cincinnati (the main church, Healing Center and Summer of Service Conference sites) and one for Radiant Church in Arizona. 

Learning new things is both fun and challenging. We celebrated the wins big and struggles hard, but we got through them and these churches now have websites that serve their ministry so well. The community is growing. The platform is constantly changing to better facilitate ministry. And we're excited to help your church harness the power of this CMS. Learn more here!

Vineyard Cincinnati - Church Website


Vineyard Cincinnati - Healing Center Website


Vineyard Cincinnati - Conference Website 


Radiant Church Website


Aimee Cottle

Director of Marketing