Learning the Importance of Story - We're at the Alignment Conference today!

October 22, 2015

Some of the Fishhook team is at the Alignment Conference today! This conference is always such a beneficial time for not only our team but the church in general. We believe in this conference and the potential it has to enhance your church and to help you align ministry, culture, leadership and facilities. As we sit here in the beautiful Landmarks Center, we can't help but be filled with excitement and anticipation. Here is what we're most looking forward to:

Leah: I'm excited to be here to meet with other people and connect. Story is so important in our world today and I'm just so excited to get some tips, thoughts and inspiration for how to help our churches tell their stories in even more compelling and creative ways.

Katie: I'm excited to learn more about Aspen Group, as a Fishhook partner, and to hear from the experts on storytelling. And of course, I'm excited to hear Evan emcee and Leah speak!

Shayla: I'm most excited to connect with some of Fishhook's current clients. And then, hopefully, make some connections with some new people!

Aimee: I love to network with the churches at Alignment. It's always so inspiring to hear their stories and connect with them about their ministries. Also, as a lover and teller of stories, I'm anticipating walking away with some great tactical tips!

As Evan said to kick off the day, this is our prayer, "Some people may take away tons of to-dos or little things they want to accomplish. Others may leave with one thought, one thing they feel could change the trajectory of their ministry. We pray that we are present to hear whatever it is you have for us."

Aimee Cottle

Director of Marketing