Meet Graphic Designer Megan Cook, our newest Fishhooker!

March 23, 2011

Things to know about our newest Fishhooker: Graphic Designer Megan Cook ...

  • Megan once worked at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and by default learned all 10 of the Carousel songs (that repeat themselves all day long). She'd wake up in the night humming them.
  • She recently took StrengthsFinder 2.0. Her results: Empathy, Connectedness, Intellection, Input and Individualization.
  • Megan loves coffee, and not just the smell and taste, but also the culture and community around it. She loves having a cappuccino while designing!
  • Her husband, Joshua, is a graphic designer as well. And they have two dogs, cockapoos named Violet and Oliver, who give high-fives!
  • She recently had her first Jimmy John's sandwich (#6 vegetarian) at the Fishhook office during her first Fishhook team meeting. A great day of firsts! 

Again, we say welcome Megan! Here's to having more cappuccinos and Jimmy John's sandwiches! 



Leah Norton

Managing Partner