Merry Christmas! - (With Evan & Lindsay's favorite things)

December 5, 2012

Instead of delivering popcorn tins or honey-baked hams, our Fishhook team shows our love and appreciation for our wonderful clients, partners and friends at Christmas by making donations to various non-profits and causes in your honor! 

Each week throughout December a couple Fishhookers will share about our "favorite things" at Christmas and let you know what organizations we're supporting because of YOUR friendship and YOUR trust throughout 2012. We're blessed! We say thank you! And Merry Christmas!


Fishhook Christmas 2012 - Lindsay

My favorite ornament (see my photo): 
My Uncle Roger made this ornament for me as a sweet reminder of my childhood and a game we'd play together, "Throwing Walnuts for Dollars!" He was the host, and my sisters and I would sit on the roof of my Papaw's shed (it was so high to me as a little girl) and throw walnuts at the fence (so far away). The closer your walnut got to the fence, the more money you won. Uncle Roger, as the enchanting game show host, would interview us, evaluate our throws and award us our prizes. This ornament is made of actual walnuts and chocked full of love from my Uncle Waahjah (I couldn't pronounce Roger).

Favorite Christmas tradition:
Believe it or not, my favorite tradition is that I don't have traditions. Seriously. There are things I often do as part of the Christmas routine - read the Christmas story in Matthew, have a nice meal or watch a Christmas movie. However, I don't have any tried-and-true or Christmas-wouldn't-be-the-same-if-we-didn't traditions. Call me stubborn or non-traditional.

Favorite Christmas food:
The green corn flakes, marshmallows and red hots Christmas wreath thingy. 

Favorite organization:
I want to honor some of my heroes in the non-profit/social justice world, Charity Water. This organization brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. One hundred percent of all public donations directly fund water projects. There are 800 million people on the planet who don't have clean water, and I want to change that! I love this team and their mission too!

Fishhook Christmas 2012 - Evan

My favorite ornament (see my photo): 
This snowman ornament is a photo frame, and it holds a picture of one of Debbie's and my first trips skiing out West. It's probably taken at Steamboat Springs in 1988. Debbie and I love to be outdoors and we love to travel, and skiing combines these well. We were young and in love. Now we are not as young, but still very much in love. In some ways, this picture could have been taken very recently.

Favorite Christmas tradition:
This tradition is from Debbie's side of the family. On Christmas morning, the children (and adults) find their stockings filled and waiting just outside their bedroom doors. We each bring our stocking to the master bedroom, pile into our bed and have an orange party. Everyone has at least one orange (or clementine) in their stocking, and as we open stocking gifts, we peel and eat our oranges. It smells - and tastes - great.

Most memorable Christmas letdown: 
I was sure I was getting a car for my 16th Christmas. As the youngest of four, there was no precedence for this, I just surely thought it was going to happen. I remember distinctly rushing to the window Christmas morning, fully expecting to see a car with a big red bow on it in the drive. Nope. No way. Not a chance. I look back now and realize that my own expectations are usually the source of my greatest disappointments.  

Favorite organization: 
Fishhook supports a few Cru ministries all throughout the year: one involved in using short films to foster spiritual discussions, one that's an outreach to Asian students on the campus of Purdue University, and a new one, Keynote, a touring band ministry. These are ministries led by people who have committed their entire lives to sharing the Good News. We love being part of that!

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner