That Time of the Month

May 4, 2011

blog: that time of the month

You’ll know it by our grumblings and grouchy faces … and by the massive amounts of junk food being consumed. The same time every month, the three communications strategists at Fishhook (Lindsay, Leah and Jen) are undeniably in a funk. And that can only mean one thing … it’s invoice time.

Creating and sending invoices to our clients is hands down the least favorite part of our job. For one thing, we don’t take lightly the seriousness that goes along with churches spending money. We know that for most churches, getting bills is no fun at all, and it’s even a little scary for some.

Beyond that, Lindsay, Leah and I simply aren’t wired to love doing financial work. We get geeked out at creative brainstorming meetings, strategic planning and face-to-face time with the clients we love supporting. When it comes to crunching numbers and running financial reports, it just doesn’t fuel our souls. At all. I’d rather clean my kitchen … and if you know me, that says something.

So here’s my advice: fill your life with people and tasks that energize you.

We all have things on our to-do lists that have to be done, but make those things a tiny part of your world. The rest of the time focus on what you feel God has specifically wired you to do. Lean into what gets you all fired up … where do you come to life? What leaves you feeling exhilarated and refreshed at the end of the day?

One resource we like at Fishhook is StrengthsFinders 2.0. It’s an online assessment tool to “help you discover your talents.” You can buy it on for $14. Everyone on our team has taken the assessment (peek at our bios for results) and it sheds light on our unique personalities and gifts.

StrengthsFinders is not necessarily the answer to your employment problems or the way to know God’s plan for you. But it is an interesting and fun tool that might help you better see how you’re wired. Try it out. And we’d love to hear your strengths … share them with us!

The beautiful thing about accounting at Fishhook is that a) it only happens once a month and b) Fishhook employs two people who do get geeked out by financials to keep us on track. God bless you numbers people. We don’t get you, but we love you. And we’d be up a creek without you.

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner