The Fishhook Vibe: Moonlighting

March 6, 2013

Several of us do it or are doing it. Maybe we need to augment our income, want to help a friend, or just have a really cool project we want to work on. Several of us do some moonlighting - an additional project or focus outside of Fishhook - while working at Fishhook. 

Wrapping up our vibe series with moonlighting is perfect. Because without the other five issues we've highlighted (flexibility, respect, accountability, connecting and environment), moonlighting would not be healthy for any organization. 
Personally, I have worked with arts organizations my entire professional career. I would miss those relationships if I were not allowed to do any work outside of Fishhook. 
So here is how moonlighting works - and works well - at Fishhook:
Flexibility. Because of the flexibility we are allowed in our work schedules, we can mold it to fit around our life schedules as needed. Our "work when you want, where you want" mantra allows me to spend every Friday morning with a freelance arts client.
Respect. We let each other know about the projects we are working, especially if it is with a friend of Fishhook or might creep in on Fishhook's "sweet spot." We usually just get a thumbs up to go for the work or we talk through any issues.
Accountability. We all get our work done. We know that when we have Fishhook work that needs to be done, we prioritize that with whatever else we have going.
Connecting. In team meetings, we talk openly about what is going on with our Fishhook work and anything else that might be demanding our time and energy (this often includes what is going on at home/personally or could include a significant freelance/moonlighting deadline we have coming up). It helps everyone to know what each other has going on.
Environment. We don't have anyone looking over our shoulders wondering what we are working on. There are times when I'm at work and have to do something for a freelance client. I can do it without worry of "getting caught." I jump off the "Fishhook clock" and jump on the "freelance clock." I get that work done, and then jump back. It works. 
Do you have the freedom to moonlight at your job? Do you do it as a creative outlet? To help a friend? To make ends meet? For me, at times, it's all of the above.

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