When Interns Go (to) InBound - Coffee, Cupcakes and Confidence

June 25, 2015

This week, my fellow intern and I went to our first work conference. Go InBound was a fresh and fun experience for us … filled with way too much coffee (which translated into way too many trips to the bathroom), good food and a great time with our Fishhook co-workers.

Here are a few things we learned:

  • Conferences can be boring, but you have to stay prepared for moments of brilliance.
  • It's fun to learn new concepts from people you would otherwise never hear from.
  • The catering staff at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis definitely knows how to cook chicken.
  • Even if a topic or story feels unrelated to you and/or your position, do the work to find at least one thing you can apply.
  • Fake confidence = real confidence. It's important to remember you are a representation of your organization not just yourself.
  • The company Johnny Cupcakes sells t-shirts … not baked goods.
  • TAKE NOTES. You never know what can inspire you later!
  • God speaks in mysterious ways … sometimes the motivation and inspiration you need comes from someone, or something, you would never expect.
  • You and the conferences you go to matter.

We had a great time growing, learning and having a blast with the Fishhook team!


Grace Mitchell