While we've covered everything from Myers-Briggs types, design trends and web analytics to preventing burnout at work, for our last webinar of 2015 we're diving into the deep end of one of the dirtiest jobs you have to face ... When Leadership Gets Messy!

Join us for a conversation about what to do when leadership gets messy.

Sometimes the job of leading others or serving on a team feels like you’ve landed in a pile of ... problems. One day everything is clean and easy and the next you’re faced with unexpected staff changes, congregational unrest, public crisis, angry volunteers and worse. How can the church communication professional and other leaders communicate clearly, decisively and strategically hopefully in ways that honor God and people?

In this webinar we covered: 

  • The importance of stepping back, assessing and the out-of-body experience
  • Strength in disappointing others
  • Think audience
  • Spin won’t win - don’t be excited when others are hurting
  • Saving the Oreos ®

Click here to watch the webinar!