You can use your Rock RMS church website to build relationships with your guests and help them take next steps.

Streamline Communication and Aid Spiritual Growth

No matter if your church has been around for 200 years or just launched last week, you’ve probably been trying to answer this question:

How can we better disciple our current members while properly meeting the needs of new guests? 

While figuring out that process can be complicated for any church, the technology side shouldn’t be the primary barrier preventing a good solution. 

At its core, Rock is a relationship management system (RMS). Many business to consumer companies utilize something similar in a customer management system (CMS). 

Rock has features that allow you to not only maintain, but advance your church’s relationship with guests at any stage in their spiritual journey.

Rock is Relationship Management

As an RMS, Rock’s primary focus is to help foster your relationship and ministry impact with your guests. Let’s take a look at a few ways Rock RMS websites can help you do ministry every day of the week with new and returning guests.

Connect with Individuals and Families

When an account is created for someone in Rock, you have the ability to begin adding information to their profile. The number of attributes someone can have is up to you, but can include anything from age, gender, marital status, contact info and more.

The same can be said for families. You can show relationships between people to form families. This will help you discover married couples and those with children engaging in your ministry. This information will aid you in bringing value to those individuals or families and understanding the stages of life that people in your church are in.

Form Helpful Groups

Groups allow you to form connections between people in all sorts of ways. Forming connections in Groups gives you another tool to track a guest’s discipleship and connection to your ministry. 

Group possibilities include family units, serving or volunteer teams, Bible studies and more. Rock keeps all of this information accessible, editable and trackable within a guest’s profile.

Creating Groups will improve the way you communicate with your guests, monitor the status of a group or team and how you walk alongside them.

Create Smooth Check-In and Registration Processes

Rock profiles give your guests ease of access to your ministries and events. Through Rock, you can set up a check in process for your guests involved in your family ministries and allow them to enter information through a kiosk or seamlessly through their mobile device. 

Event registrations are also a big plus! Use your Rock Events Calendar to collect guest registrations for events. Guests can enter their information and attendance ahead of time, that way your ministry teams can plan for numbers and create a smooth experience for all attendees. You can also follow up with attendees of a previous event to get feedback or give them a next step to take.

Engage with Your Guests 

Use your Rock RMS to better communicate with each of your guests. Guest profiles allow you to do things like email one of your volunteer teams for a special event, connect with parents of middle school students or reach out to a new guest to make sure they feel welcomed and seen.

You can also track a guest’s spiritual growth milestones on their Rock profile. No matter what steps are a part of your church’s discipleship pathway, you can attribute things like baptism, joining a life group and more to each person’s profile. 

Not only will you see their progress, but you will be able to come alongside each guest in their walk with Jesus.

Bring the Value!

The best part about building a website on Rock RMS is that you are establishing your website as a two-way ministry tool. While most websites are just a place people go to get information, yours doesn’t have to be. 

Using Rock’s tools you are able to meet people where they are and bring value to their lives. You can tailor content to their phase of life or spiritual journey, form authentic relationships, improve your discipleship process and make guest experiences much smoother.

Despite all that Rock is and can be, at the end of the day it is a tool to bring value to your church and those you are trying to reach—whether they have been attending for 50 years or are entering your doors for the very first time.

Have more questions about Rock websites? Reach out to our team to talk all about it!