We wanted to share what we've learned in two decades of church communications... it's kind of a lot!

11. We laugh at ourselves and with others often! 
We love sarcasm, practical jokes, games and what we call "buffoonery" (a Fishhook team value!).

12. We adore encouragement and celebrating wins!
If we've worked together for any length of time, we hope there have been lots of laughs, fun food/treats and meaningful stories of ministry impact along the way!

13. Some of our most hilarious stories happen when we travel for work...
From a couple sketchy hotel stays to rental car mishaps to nearly missed flights, we love these stories that keep us laughing for years!

14. We are committed to personal growth. 
We aim to grow personally and professionally. Understanding ourselves helps us connect and lead with others.

15. We are committed to evolving as a team and in the services we offer. 
We continually look all around us to study what is going on in culture ... consider what people need ...and seek out opportunities for our churches and ministries.

16. We all need rest. 
And when issues seem especially challenging -  we take a break, take a walk, pick it back up the next day or after the weekend. God's mercies are new every morning, and every issue is more manageable after some prayer, a nap or a weekend.

17. A great team meeting for us involves Chick-fil-A or a taco bar! 
We love sharing a meal together. 

18. The most important work we will ever do is outside of our Fishhook work. 
We want to grow with Jesus, be committed to our marriages and families, and serve in our own local churches and communities. Then - we also come together to do really important work together through Fishhook. 

19. Our central focus is Jesus! 
There are many other issues and questions in our world. We are called to come alongside churches that are pointing people to Jesus.

20. We know God is always at work, and we're committed to the journey! Throughout the past 20 years at Fishhook, there have been many joys. There have also been many challenges. God has sustained us, been so good to us, and He is the one leading us for the future to serve His Church.

Thank you, Jesus! And thank you to the churches and ministries whom we have the privilege to work with. We are so grateful!

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We can't wait to continue learning and celebrating with you!