Danville Friends Church may be small but they have big hearts for Christ! Here's more about our recent collaboration.

Danville Friends Church may be small, but they have big hearts for Christ! We recently had the privilege of partnering with DFC to do a communications assessment, brand and website to help them as they strive to reach out to the community around them and better engage with their congregation. Here is part of their story and more about the work we did together.  


Their Mission

"United in the family of God through Jesus Christ and assured through Scripture, the mission of Danville Friends Church is to worship, teach, pray, fellowship, and witness as we share the joys and burdens of those around us." - danvillefriendschurch.org

The Work

Danville Friends Church has a strong desire to welcome new people, especially families. They came to us with a desire to reach more people, engage more people in taking next steps, examine their communications approach and update their strategy and tools. We partnered with them to assess their overall communications processes to figure out what was and wasn't working, build a brand identity that represented their unique story and create a website that would help them connect to their congregation and community. 


The Client

With approximately 40+ people attending each week, this church family is small, but they have big hearts to reach their community for Jesus Christ! Because of their size, much of their ministry work is led by committed volunteers. We knew we would need to come up with communications strategies and tools that would work well in their environment and use their available resources.

The Ta-Da

The DFC team was fully engaged, committed and open throughout the process. On the day of their launch, they did a great job of vision-casting and giving church family members tangible tools to help serve as conversation starters in their community. We are looking forward to seeing how God will continue to work through this ministry!

To us, Ta-Da means creating and celebrating remarkable improvement. We want to take the time to celebrate who you are and the work you're doing. This year as projects wrap, we'll be presenting little "Ta-Da's" as a way to acknowledge the collaboration and hard work that went into improving the way you fish